Mermaids. The mysterious, enigmatic beings, dangerous and attracting equally. Full of ancient magic and sorcery, bewitching sirens always drew looks of seamen, poets, and painters. From time immemorial, themselves people how many remember, the most different legends went about them. It is a story about mermaids, that sirenize lad  into the big water, they ensnare him and flood, tickling to death… About mermaids, that  steal a children. Now let's imagine, as peoples arrived in the event that they catched a mermaid. So who they such? How and when have appeared? And who, tell, can know about it better, than mermaids? So, on mermaid’s  legends "During far, antediluvian times when on the earth and at oceans in an abundance pangolins bred, and among people mighty wizards quite often were born, on continent Atlantis there lived most powerful of magicians and greatest of scientists.

When stars have predicted it  destruction of Atlantis from the Big waters, many in haste departured from them by the ships to Greece and Egypt; they however did not know that under waters tops of the Himalayas as all Ancient world, on the Divine judgement, should be lost in waves will disappear even. The Lord has told that anything having movement of air at lips, will not survive - here and everything were lost in Flood’s waters, except Noah, his families, and all animals who were with it in an ark. However many remained on Atlantis, having decided to struggle with the Flood. But without getting on tops of mountains, but having dug through a cave deep into, and then having bent its chamber upwards to wait Act of God in the formed air chamber.

The rain which poured has begun without ceasing - wise atlantes have hidden in an inflexed cave. At first all went well - but pressure of waters was so great that air remains ever less, is worse than that, no security spells operated. Also have understood atlantes, that God  sent Flood to them, and have begged about  mercy. But God has told that has decided not to leave live anybody having movement of air on lips, and will not cancel the decision. And then the supreme priestess of Atlantis has begged to the Creator that it has better transformed them into similarity of fishes, having given a tail and gills if only spared them a life. And all atlantes, from it is small to it is old, have begun to yell to God about the same. Then God has taken pity over them and has made, as they asked - since then in the seas has appeared surprising beings - whether girls, whether fishes - but are faster both that, and another simultaneously...

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